Flavours of the Mediterranean

La Casina: More than just food

Here at Dunsborough restaurant La Casina, food isn’t just food – it’s a hearty, wholesome experience that warms the belly as well as the heart and soul.

It starts with the gathering of good company, in a homely setting surrounded by leafy gum trees that’s not too far from Dunsborough town.

Next comes the hospitality. It’s the friendly “mi casa, su casa” vibe you get when visiting the closest of family and friends, or when the barista at your favourite coffee shop remembers your name.

Then, there’s the food. It’s moreish, heart-warming and designed for sharing. It’s full of rich flavour combinations that will have you reminiscing, or dreaming of, trips to Greece, Morocco or Lebanon; with sweet, sticky sauces you can’t help but lap up with smoky, charred pita bread (and/or your fingers).

It’s an experience so satisfying, it wraps around your soul like a cosy fire on a cold winter’s night.

Like we said, food is more than just food. Are you ready to experience it?

A Mediterranean Love Affair

We’ve been falling in love with the food, people and diverse cultures of the Mediterranean region for decades, and think it’s time you do too!

Inspired by dishes from places like Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Morocco and the Middle East, our menu is the perfect introduction to Mediterranean dining.

It’s our fresh, seasonal and modern take on a cuisine that’s been feeding families for millennia, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Featuring plenty of tantalising Med flavours, our mezze (shared plates), pasta and lip-smacking mains are designed for people looking for anything from a simple-yet-delicious meal to a lavish family feast.

Intrigued? Come on a journey to the Med with us today.

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Meet Our Team

Chef Dan

Mediterranean and Levantine food has long intrigued La Casina Head Chef Dan, who was first drawn to the cuisine’s big, bold and vibrant flavours back in 2003. Since then, the chef has worked at a number of well-known eateries and exotic venues around the world, including Quay at Bunker Bay Resort, Number 8 Restaurant at The Crown Melbourne and The Press Club, where he was able to continue his love affair with all things Med. Fast forward to 2020, and Chef Dan has returned to the beautiful shores of Geographe Bay, where he hopes to share his passion for this rich, wholesome cuisine with you.


The head of our Casina, Joanna’s the long lost friend you’ll look forward to finding again. She’ll warmly welcome you to our house, before seating you at our dining table and feeding you until you’re full and ready to roll home. Not just a pretty face, Joanna has an extensive background in hospitality, having managed and run front-of-house operations for luxury resorts and hotels all around the world. Despite working in places like Vanuatu and the Philippines (which she says was “just terrible”), Joanna longed for a seachange, and is happy to now call Dunsborough home. She, along with Dan, look forward to hosting you at La Casina.


Andrea’s practically part of the woodwork here at La Casina, having managed our Dunsborough restaurant for 6 years. From Mandello del Lario, Lake Como in Italy, Andrea spent the past 10 years travelling the world, before making his way to Dunsborough, where he’s been ever since. From greeting you at our door, to welcoming you back once more, he’s always here to make dining at the Casina fun; he knows all the good stories, for one…


You don’t have pasta without… Valeria? Well, that’s certainly the case here at La Casina, where Valeria, our dedicated pasta chef, creates her melt-in-your-mouth, handmade tagliatelles, parpadelles and gnocchi. It’s easy to see why this Italian bella donna is the master of pasta – she’s only spent most of her life cooking, and has trained with some of Italy’s best in her hometown of Villaprati di Bagnacavallo. And if that’s not enough to convince you, your tastebuds will do the rest.